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On this page, there will be stored such things as reviews of comic books and trade paperbacks featuring the Winged Warrior, information about toy lines, the writers and artists, and even some articles I'll write all about the star superhero of the DCU.

Comic book and TPB reviews

The Golden Age Hawkman Archives Volume 1 This is the real deal when it comes to the Winged Warriors' origins, where it all first began.
Crisis on Multiple Earths TPB 1 At the time of the Earth 1 & 2 conception, this was the first place where the JLA and JSA met following the famous tale from The Flash #123 Vol 1 in 1961.
Crisis on Multiple Earths TPB 2 The adventures between dimensions continue, and Black Canary's journey to Earth 1 can be seen here.
Crisis on Multiple Earths TPB 3 When the Star-Spangled Kid came back to the modern world.
JLA: Zatanna's Search TPB Zatanna, the Magic Maid and daughter of Zatara, made her sparkling debut in issue 4 of Hawkman's first solo book in 1964.
Sword of the Atom TPB This is a very special review I've written, and I encourage all read about, as it tells some clearer history about the details surrounding Hawkman's best pal, the Atom, and his supporting cast, during the Bronze Age/mid-1980s. I very much hope you'll appreciate it.


Why Destroy a Universe? DC's overblown, overhyped “Identity Crisis” wallows in bigotry, insults the intellect, and signals they may be moving in Marvel’s direction from 2003, of trying to make sales through controversy. It also does an incredible disservice to its characters, and Hawkman is sadly one of the victims too.
Why Destroy a Universe? Part Two More of the holes in the story in Identity Crisis are focused upon in here.
Why Destroy a Universe? Part Three Concluding the focus on the travesty of Identity Crisis.
Letters Column from Hawkworld #15, September 1991 I sometimes find letter columns of yore to be quite facinating to read through, and thought to myself, why not reprint some of them here? So here's a sample of one of the lettercols from one of the older series of the Hawks.
The Partnership that Could've Been Longer An essay on the brief partnership of the Atom and Hawkman during the end of the Silver Age.
Destroying the Atom, Shredding the Elongated Man Are Ray “Atom” Palmer and Ralph “Elongated Man” Dibny, ditto their respective spouses Sue Dibny and Jean Loring, the most shoddily treated members of the DCU? Well, that's exactly what I'm pondering in this essay.
Why the site moved to a new location This is something I wrote in early 2006, when I moved the site to a different location. I used to have it on the main menu, and thought that it could still have some significance even in this section.
Distancing myself from the works of Geoff Johns It's 2010, a long time since I updated the site, and I want to try and make clear that I'm no longer a fan of Geoff Johns, and that there's a limit to how far you can go with popular fiction. In this item, I'll do my best to explain why I want nothing more to do with this now decidedly awful writer.
The Changes I've made to this Site And with good reason. For 2013, I've decided I had to make some alterations meant to indicate how disillusioned I am at how the staff of Dan DiDio has destroyed the DCU with their New 52 mishmash, and Hawkman/Hawkwoman along with it.
Kendra's still here, but not in the same way A belated explanation why I simplified this site so as not to include material post-1999, limiting it just to what came prior.
Where did the Muddled History and Continuity First Begin? For anyone who says they believe the Hawks' history is confusing, I may be able to point you to how and where all the troubles actually began, and thus untangle the whole mystery.

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