Recommended Links

Here are some links to other comics related sites, plus a few extra non-comics sites I'd also strongly recommend.

DC Comics fansites

Amazon Archives

The Impulse Shrine

Metal Men

The Comics Archives

Comics information sites

Sequential Tart

Bounding Into Comics

Women in Refridgerators

Grand Comics Database

About.Com's Comic Book Section

Comic Book Weblogs

The Comics of Rhodey

Yet Another Comics Blog

Gone and Forgotten

Crimson Lightning

Dave's Longbox

DC Multiverse

Bizarro Jimmy Olsen Midlife Crisis on Infinite Earths

Other sites of mine

The Four Color Media Monitor The Comic Book Discrimination Dossiers Tel-Chai Nation The Lion's Den The Greatest Thing on Earth The Outer Observatory Earth's Mightiest Heroines The Co-Stars Primer Puzzle Paradise Food Diner

Hawkfan Homepage History of the Hawks Profiles Cool Stuff