Why the site has now moved to a new location

By Avi Green, fansite's creator, January 1, 2006

Hello to all you Hawkfans and DC Comics fans out there.

Some of you reaching this fansite may notice that it's on a new server now. Well, there's some explanations for that, as well as my not having updated it for awhile.

In the past three months, I'd become busier, as can happen to just about anyone who's living in as blue-collar an existence as I do. I'd become busier at work, with girl problems, and I'd even been taking the time, along with the rest of my family, to visit my sister and her husband, who've since had their first child together (yep, I'm an uncle now).

That aside, while it's great to be an uncle, and I do hope I'll become a husband to a loving woman someday, and a father myself as well, another reason why I couldn't update the site when located in its previous server was because...I could no longer access the server at home. I'd uploaded some pictures to the site a few days before my connection at home became inexplicably lost in August 2005. I could reach the parent company of the old server, but not the actual server itself, nor their forum. I tried to reach it at work, on my brother-in-law's computer, and he uses a different ISP than mine, on a computer at a hotel I was once vacationing at...nothing. It was just gone. Kablooey. Finito. My ISP confirmed that there was a problem, but was unable to help. It was really sad, because here, while Hawkfan was up and flying high, I was down. Talk about getting one's wings clipped. It felt almost like that awful, AWFUL scene in Identity Crisis where Deathstroke cuts off Carter's wings and lets him fall to the ground, and the overrated writer who wrote that miniseries did little more than to insult poor Carter and make him look like a cad (and yet, nothing could've been worse than what Slade Wilson was shown doing to Black Canary and Zatanna!).

So there I was, cut off from the server on which I'd first uploaded the first comic book fansite I'd ever tried to build. Because I'd become busy, I didn't have time to contemplate if I should make a move. But eventually, as much time as it took, I was finally able to. I'd already opened another account on this server about a year ago on which to host a Marvel Comics fansite I also own, that being The Greatest Thing on Earth, which is mainly dedicated to Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four. You could say that both the Ben Grimm fansite and this one are the very first fansites I thought to build. And since it's possible to open several subdomains on one account, I realized that this could be the perfect place - for both of them!

So I slowly began to work things out, so that both of the first fansites I built, one for a DC Comics character and the other for a Marvel Comics character, could be hosted on one account together. And so far, it's working out perfectly.

I wish to thank the previous server I was on for their kind services, and I do hope to be able to use their services again someday. And I also wish to thank the current one, which is also a most magnificient service, for what they currently offer, and I hope that I'll be able to host my fansites on this one for a long time to come. There may still be a few pictures missing that I haven't been able to upload yet, but I'll try to get around to them in time.

With that, let me turn to another matter...

I'm aware now of the fact that DC Comics, as part of their "One Year Later" story development, intends to change Hawkman into Hawkgirl with the 50th issue, and to present Kendra Saunders as the leading star, at least for awhile.

In all due honesty, I'm not sure how I feel about it so far, since from what what I can tell, it seems as if DC is trying to become - get this - Marvel-lite: with the apparent intention to restart (?) The Flash and Wonder Woman with third volumes, and possibly to "restore" JLA to the numbering first started when Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatties relaunched the series in 1987 as Justice League for starters, it seems as though DC, out of nowhere, decided to imitate some of Marvel's own steps in recent years, which acutally served to hurt their image as much as their steps with Captain America, Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men and countless other series/characters did.

I will say though that if they're going to think smartly and stick to a more optimistic approach for their characters and series, then that's a good thing, but at the same time: they did not need to stoop to sales and publicity stunts in order to get an opinion from the audience on all that, and it only served to sabotage the potential for some better storylines in many of the books (for the record, if Brad Meltzer is going to write JLA, then sad to say, but no sale here, that's for sure. No matter how he writes it, the way he wrote Identity Crisis pretty much disqualifies him from even the list of writers whose works I'd read just for the characters and series themselves. There's gotta be a limit, y'know?).

That said, I'm pleased to see that a writer as respected as Walt Simonson, who did some of the best work on The Mighty Thor during the Bronze Age, is going to write Hawkgirl. And if I can find a logo for Hawkgirl to match that of Hawkman, I'll see if I can add it to the front page too! Now there's something that could be cool to find.

For now, I would like to wish everyone visiting a Happy New Year, and let's hope that DC - and Marvel - will put aside all those needless sales stunts of theirs to make room for clean, fun storytelling.

Copyright 2006 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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