Letters Column from Hawkworld #15, September 1991

Dear Mr. Gold,

I have been reading comics almost all my life and this is the first time I have ever written to a comic, so bear with me.

When the HAWKWORLD miniseries first came out I didn't know if I should waste my money on a character whom I've never really much cared for, but when I saw the art I had to get it. As it turned out, HAWKWORLD was one of the best miniseries ever, second only to THE PRISONER.

Then you guys came out with the HAWKWORLD monthly series and I thought you wouldn't be able to keep up the level of excellence every month. So I waited for the art to get bland the stories to get dull, but that never happened. Month after month  the stories kept getting better, and Graham Nolan's art is always outstanding.
I like the way you've been giving us the Hawks' opinions on American culture and government. Interesting plot twist having the original Shayera Thal be Shayera's mother. I can't wait to find out how she handles her old man when she finds out who he is.

To sum up, HAWKWORLD is one of the most thought-provoking books on the racks today.

Robin B. Draper
Minot, ND

Thanks, Robin. We love hearing from new letter-writers, and we hope to hear from you again soon.

Hawkpeople --

The current storyline is a good one. Hawkman and Hawkwoman separated in different storylines. Both storylines are even interesting. Hawkwoman is learning about herself on Thanagar and Hawkman is learning about Earth. When this story is over, I would like to see Hawkman alone on Thanagar and Hawkwoman alone on Earth!

The continuity with the new Hawkman is not perfect, but you gave it a hell of a try. The Silver Age Hawkman is one of my favorites, but I wish that the fanboys would stop whining!

Things are really getting good in this book! John and Graham are doing super work.

Katar uninitiated? I love it! Nice touch, John. This makes Katar a much more interesting character. Let's explore him some more.

Shayera is still my favorite and her storyline about her past is very interesting. And I wanted no adventures on Thanagar!

Ed Homa Jr.
Claymont, DE

You know, I've come to the opinion that the term "fanboy" is a four-letter word with a glandular problem...although it's not as demeaning as "zombie." You folks pay our rent, so I, for one, won't use such language.

Dear Bird Watchers,

Who is Shayera's father?

David 10K.

He was on Thanagar searching out "Stupid Alien Tricks" and things went on from there. That wouldn't be as bad, but her second cousin is Pee Wee Herman!

Ben! Why didn't you tell me, Ben? (Does Darth Vader fit in here somewhere?)

Mark Phillips
Johnson City, TN

No, but James Earl Jones does our voice-overs.

Mr. Mike --

The latest HAWKWORLD was yet another in a long line of excellent offerings. Graham and Gary's artwork was nice, but he-who-waxed-my-hero-because-of-the-questionable-decision-of-a-laughable-company-by-shooting-him-in-the-back's story was what stole the show.

I was glad to see Weng Chan make a return appearance in the DC Universe. I just the rest of the Blackhawks would follow suit at some point in the very near future. Shayera Thal?! Wow. Not, that's an interesting concept. I can't wait to find out who her father is.

The section involving Katar and his training in the Schwartz Car Yard was excellent. Hol's affection for and use of several less than modern and/or rather obscure weapons has long been a character staple, and this was a fantastic way to remind and reaffirm this fact for everyone.

The impending attempt at romance between Katar and Mavis looks to prove intersting.

Seeya at Munden's. I mean the Bucket.

Uncle Elvis
Dawson Springs, KY

Boy, there's a nasty in-joke about a "for sale" sign that I'll avoid.

Given that Weng is the youngest of the original Blackhawks, those other guys must be getting in years. But don't be too surprised...

Dear Mike,

I just had to write this letter to let you know that as a longtime DC fan I love this HAWKWORLD series. The creative team is just great. Please keep them together. I hope they stay for quite a while.

Regardless of what some people say about the HAWKWORLD ANNUAL, I thought it did a great job of tying up those loose continuity "threads." You went about it in a good way; good technique.

I just finished reading issue #11 and I think it's great that Hawkman is using nunchaks and throwing stars. But also keep some of the older, more Hawkman traditional weapons like the mace and others. It's just a ruch heritage of Hawkman's, I'd hate to see it completely forgotten; I think it would be a great tribute to Carter Hall and the Hawkman mythos.

I only have one complaint, and that is the introduction of this "Hawkmen-The Elite Squadron," in issue #10 Please find a way to disband these clowns or just give them a different uniform. Maybe call them something else like the "Republican Guards." But you get the idea. Hawkman is special and should be the only one to that uniform and title of Hawkman -- yes, even on Thanagar.

Thanks for a great book! I got my wife hooked on this series.

John Haritos
Hauppauge, NY

Hey, John, have you ever tried flying with a mace?

Dear Mike,

In the interest of seeing fresh subject matter in the HAWKWORLD lettercolumn, I present to you the following:

"Who the heck were the Hawks in the JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL?"

Following the death of his father, Carter Hall II, the younger brother of Hector Hall, found himself outfitted in his father's old costume as a means of helping victims of a global upheaval caused by Eclipso (OUTSIDERS #18). In the wake of the crisis, an exhilarated Hall convinced his girlfriend to join him in recreating the team of Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

Their adventures brought them to the attention of the Manhunters, which led to the couple's involvement in with the Justice League during the New Guardians affair.

As a child, Carter worshipped the League and they, in turn, doted on him, particularly Ray Palmer, the second Atom. Filled with visions of the old JLA, Carter quickly grew disgusted with the new team and quit in disguest following the alien invation. Having witnessed the devastation of the war firsthand, Carter and his fiancee retired their costumes (now symbols of the Thanagarian invaders) and began a new mission: helping victims of the conflict. They have not been heard of since.

Apply whiteout liberally to all word balloons regerring to "Katar," "Shayera," and "Thanagar" in the above stories.

Re: SUPERMAN #18/ Suffering from a fever incuded by a global wave of Kryptonite radiation, the Man of Steel dreamt of flying to Krypton with an alien Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Awakening, Superman found that the wave of radiation had dissipated. Too simple? Well, yeah. But the original story didn't explain where the radiation went either.

Now, does that explain everything?

John Wells
Batavia, IA

Oh, boy. I'm getting confused. Where's a good CRISIS when you need one?

Dear John,

HAWKMAN continuity still sees to be a sore subject among the fans, but I think I may have solved your one remaining continuity problem. After Carter Hall, the original Hawkman of the Justice Society and Justice League, went into limbo, Golden Eagle (of the Teen Titans) took up his mantle and did all the following:

a] Fought the Shadow War (prelude to Invasion?) in HAWKMAN #1-17;

b] Shut the machine down in ANIMAL MAN #6;

c] Teamed up with the Justice League International for a few missions;

d] Died in NEW TITANS #72.

I think this character ties everything up neatly, don't you????

As for HAWKWORLD, I have been enjoying it tremendously. The artwork and storytelling are dynamic, while the team-ups with Flash and Blackhawk were well done. Any chance of Katar meeting with Freedom (ex-Bwana) Beast while on a visit to Africa???

If anyone ever casts a HAWKWORLD movie, I think Arnold Schwartzenegger and Julia Roberts would make a great Katar and Shayera. What do the other fans think????

Nelson Jiminez
Stamford, CT

Do you think Schwartzenegger is aerodynamic?

Dear Editor,

For a moment there, I thought (hoped?) that Shayera would mistake Rodney Hawkins for Byth. The highlight of HAWKWORLD #10 was unquestionably the costume show scene -- all of them looking like those god-awful "reader suggestions" costumes that comics used to devote a page or two to in place of ads. Seriously, when was the last time a reader's idea for a costume actually made it into continuity print?

I thought that was Maxwell Lord on the cover -- and with him it wouldn't have been a joke! The first Shayera costume on page 12 -- I'm surprised she didn't start shooting them then and there.

Now that John Ostrander is the sole scripter of HAWKWORLD -- he's already following his usual method of interconnecting characters from his other books. The Sunderland Corporation -- I hope Katar and Shayera don't get involved with them on a client basis. As the last few issues of FIRESTORM showed us, it's just a coat of fresh paint over the same skunk where they're concerned.

Will we be seeing characters from FIRESTORM and SUICIDE SQUAD tying into the book? When SUICIDE SQUAD first started out, it was a dumping ground for any FIRESTORM villain John had tired of.

Second on the list of important happenings -- the reintroduction of Hyanthis. This is one character who needs a re-continuity jazzup. It was interesting why she was an enemy of the Hawks, but the character itself was always bland no matter how many armies she threw their way. This new version is looking like a lady with a mind of her own.

"Groveling grub"? Yep, that's our boy Kanjar, all right.

Action scenes in #10 were excellent, especially the stunt flying on page 5. After a few quiet issues, I predict the bext big brawl will take place on the mother planet, with the groveling grub in the middle of it.

Charles D. Brown
Brentwood, NY

Just how many skunks have you painted, anyway?

Now that we're on firm (albeit controversial) footing continuity-wise, you'll be seeing more interplay with the rest of the DC Universe -- just check out our "Next Month" blurb.

Dear Mr. Gold,

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy HAWKWORLD each month. Though I would rather see something more along the lines of the pre-Crisis Hawkman and Hawkwoman, I'm giving this series the benefit of the doubt. I almost thought you were going to switch them back to the older costumes in last month's HAWKWORLD, but no such luck. Oh, well.

Despite popular demand, I would rather see more Earth-based stories in HAWKWORLD. Sure, a HAWKWORLD story is OK (that is the name of the book, isn't it?), but let's keep the Hawks on home base!

Finally, any chance for a Captain Atom or Suicide Squad team-up? John writes both of those books as well! Well, how about it? Hint, hint, hint.

Thanks for a great book!

Robert Elinskas
Utica, NY

Actually, John's just helping out on CAPTAIN ATOM. It seems he wanted something to write, in lieu of sleeping.

NEXT MONTH: Hawkwoman vs. Wonder Woman in a War of the Gods thriller that will have a profound impact on HAWKWORLD stories to come.

-- Mike Gold

Copyright Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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