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An elegantly illustrated picture of Sheira Sanders, by a Japanese artist named Eric Chen. Credit must go where its due, since this possibly computer-designed image is a true classic, showing Sheira as the breathtaking brown-haired beauty she deserves to be.

In this Golden Age panel, Sheira comes to the aid of a lady being assaulted by a hoodlum. I don't think the other panel comes from the same issue, but does feature an impressive wisecrack Sheira hands to the crook she's dealing with, along with a mace!

A Bronze Age spectacle of Superman and Hawkman duking it out. I think it's from Justice League of America #200.

I don't know if these two panels come from the same issue, but they sure are charming!

An advertisement for the Hostess pastry company's cupcake products; one of various such ads done in cooperation with DC and Marvel in the late 70s-early 80s. Some of them were pretty amusing as the cupcakes themselves were delicious, but ads like these have become a rarity in this day and age. There's fairly logical explanations why, I guess.

And then, what do we have next to that? An adorable illustration of Zatanna by George Perez, in the costume design she wore circa 1980 when Perez did some of the artwork on Justice League of America, though it was New Teen Titans where he really made waves.

Here's a scene of the Infinity Inc. crowd having some fun playing volleyball on the Malibu beach in California. The artwork in this panel was by Todd McFarlane, who drew some amusingly oddball angles for some of the characters.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

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