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When Dick Dillin was drawing Justice League of America for 12 years (1968-80), Red Tornado was added to the cast and Hawkwoman also joined, having successfully persuaded the JLA to drop a rule they initially went by that two people with the same powers couldn't join full time. The other pic shows Elongated Man in one of his early appearances searching for a Gingo tree, from which to extract the Gingo juice he used to develop the chemicals that make him a Stretchable Sleuth.

On the left, we have Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, as seen in the pages of All-Star Squadron. On the right, we have their daughter, Jesse Quick.

Jesse gives Wally West a big kiss, prior to his marriage to Linda Park.

It's true! During the Silver Age, the Hawks had special chemical-medallions in which to store their costumes, just like Silver Age Flash Barry Allen's ring! Interesting, isn't it, how they were able to store their helmet-like headgear in there too.

This scene comes after Ray helped Jean win one of her cases in his Atom guise, and they're going to get the guy she represented freed from jail.

Elongated Man and the Atom are fighting some otherworldly warriors, ditto Dr. Fate, in Len Wein's famous 3-part story featuring the Seven Soldiers of Victory from 1972. And next to that is Ralph Dibny's attractive wife Sue Dearbon, wearing an awesome bikini outfit!

From the Wonder Woman Plus Jesse Quick special in the late 1990s.

This drawing is of Carter and Shiera in the pre-Zero Hour era. It's sad they had to suffer so badly from the embarrassment that was the company wide crossover of 1994.

Here's another picture from one of Roy Thomas' works, from America vs. the Justice Society, which told the pre-Crisis story of how the JSA went on trial for supposed treason in the 1950s.

In this picture, we see Ray Palmer giving a speech at the Ivy U, during which time Snapper Carr, the young intern at the Justice League in its early days, is attending.

Ray and Jean Loring share a loving moment during the mid-1970s.

This comes from around the early 90s, with Hawkman wearing a red-colored bodysuit.

And this is with Carter and Sheira before the horrific embarrassment that was Zero Hour.

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