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The Atom and Hawkman, brief partners towards the end of the Silver Age (and their titles, combined together at the time), rescue Jean Loring from a villain called Toyboy. (And Hawkman seems to be using quite a surprise for ammunition in the slingshot, my goodness!) When Atom gets stunned momentarily, Jean perks him up again with an affectionate kiss. Aww, isn't that adorable?

I most certainly must concur with what is said by Atom here: "All superheroes should get this kind of attention!" Quite right. Similarly, the other panel, depicting the Silver/Bronze Age Hawks reuniting after an argument is also very adorable, and brings a smile to the face!

Sheira and Carter change back to their regular clothes following a late night search for crooks in Midway City. And Byth challenges the Hawks to a showdown in the Silver Age. Hmmm, I do wonder, what weapons will they use for this battle?

Rescuing a maiden in distress from a gang of Arabian bandits. Go for it, Carter!

During the Silver Age, on the left side, the police chief of Midway City offers a hand to the Hawks in getting ready for residence in the big town, pre-Crisis, of course. And, on the right side, Hawkman gets a big kiss from Zatanna, at the time she'd taken up different costume designs in the late 70s-early 80s, while Power Girl looks on, finding it charming.

This is a picture of Katar Hol and Shayera Thal flying over Chicago in pursuit of a superpowered criminal called Ricochet. And Shayera is carrying a crossbow too. Oh, and nice view of some sunbathers on the roof, eh?

This is a Golden Age intro panel, featuring one of the early designs for Hawkman's mask. Plus, a drawing of Sheira posing with a mace while smiling for the camera. You go, Hawkgirl!

From one of the first Adam Strange tales of the Silver Age, we have our eponymous hero explaining one of his scientific strategies in battle with Alanna's dad Sardath. The planet Rann, homeworld of the father and daughter, was relatively close to the planet Thanagar. As a result, there was at least one story published in Showcase during the Bronze Age where the Hawks and the Stranges teamed up.

Groovy! The girlfriends of Atom, Aquaman, Hawkman and Snapper Carr, and boyfriend of Wonder Woman, pay them a visit at the JLA headquarters during the Silver Age.

This panel is an Iron Age telling of Katar Hol's background and its connections with Carter Hall, by ways of his father Paran Katar at that, from the Hawkworld series of the early 1990's. It features some of the characters who made appearances at the time within the series on the bottom of the panel too.

An adventure in the Golden Age through the desert, where Hawkman is lucky to find a lake and take some time to wash up.

In this panel, Katar's mask/cowl appears to be one sans the wings, oddly enough.

From a postcard published in 1984, drawn by George Perez at the time he'd been assigned to illustrate the New Teen Titans. Amazing postures and character design.

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