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At the time All-Star Squadron was published, Plastic Man was established as a member from the Golden Age era. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, that may have been modified.

In the pre-Crisis era, there was a story where the JSA went on trial for suspected treason in the early 1950s (I think it first came up in 1979). This is a panel from a story that may have been scripted by Roy Thomas in the mid-80s.

This comes from the initial origin set up for Lyta Hall, wife of Carter Hall's son Hector, and was published in Wonder Woman #300 Vol 1, February 1983.

Shadow Thief was on the loose and the Hawks have their hands full trying to figure out how to stop him. And then, in the other picture, we see Carl Sands switching off his intangibility device after committing a robbery.

Two panels from The Shadow War of Hawkman, published in 1985.

On the one side, we've got another Hawkman illustration by Joe Kubert, and on the other, an early tale with Johnny Thunder and Black Canary in the late 40s when she first debuted, soon taking over Johnny's spot in Flash Comics and becoming one of the most famous ladies in the DCU.

During the Silver/Bronze Age, Hawkman, as depicted in the time when the Earth-2 concept was still going strong, wore a simple yellow mask of the more traditional kind, which he first donned in 1948. He slowly switched back to his more familiar hawk-shaped mask in the late 1970's.

Jean Loring thanks the Atom (Ray Palmer) for one of his helpful efforts to thwart the baddies. Plus, one more panel from the Shadow War of Hawkman.

During the early years, the Winged Warrior fought an otherworldly machine from Jupiter. The art is by Joe Kubert; one of his early assignments.

A little demonstration of Lion-Mane's transformation from man to beast, not unlike the Hulk over at Marvel, along with a picture showing  how bulletproof he is.

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