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In this picture, Atom was explaining to Hawkgirl a rule that the Justice League had during the Silver Age, when only one crimefighter with specific powers/skills/career could join. This rule was done away with during the mid-70's, when Hawkgirl lobbied against it, and she happily won, gaining a full-time membership for awhile.

Also during the Silver Age, the Hawkduo did battle with a creature called a Brontadon. Quite an astounding sight indeed, isn't it?

It's also a good idea to feature a picture of the guy who headlined the very series where Hawkman made his Golden Age appearances, the first official Flash, Jay Garrick!

A scene with the JLA passing their time playing cards, and Shayera's doing very well, thanks to Elongated Man, who taught her how to master the art!

The first panel comes from a miniseries about the Immortal Doctor Fate. Next to that is a picture of Hath-Set drawn by Joe Kubert.

In a most amusing episode, Mavis Trent, one of the female employees at the Midway City Museum discovers the secret storage for their suits, and, most convieniently, Hawkgirl's costume as well. And by dying her usually dark hair to be as much of a redhead as Hawkgirl is, she could pass for her very easily! And I must say, she is also...yum.

I think this stunning picture of Hawkwoman sans mask was drawn by Jose-Luis Garcia-Lopez. And then, in the other picture, we see Hawkman post-rescue of Sheira from the menace of the first Psycho-Pirate, Charles Halstead, in All-Star Comics #23. (The second Psycho-Pirate, Roger Hayden, debuted in Showcase #56 in the mid-1960s.)

It would be totally wrong to let this site go without some pictures of the sexy Power Girl, so for starters, here's one from a Showcase story circa 1978 where she fought an evil scientist and his reptilian minion.

And here's one from the early years of Birds of Prey too. Black Canary, of course, usually doesn't resort to guns (and neither does Oracle), but then again, it's possible that she's got other reasons for using that baby up there.

The pic on the left shows Sheira searching for Carter to help him out of a jam in a mining shaft. And the one on the right, I think that's from the old Challenge of the Superfriends cartoon series that was broadcast mostly during 1973-86.

Carter takes on an enemy plane, damaging the rotor and crippling the vehicle in mid-air. The other shows him in combat with a chain and crossbow.

One of the first times Carter encountered Solomon Grundy in the Golden Age, after 1st Green Lantern Alan Scott was the first to clash with him.

Here's some drawings of Hawkman with his beaked mask, set during the WW2 era, and the Blackhawks are referenced too. The latter, oddly enough, may come from an Elseworlds story written by John Byrne in 1999.

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