Weapons and Ninth Metal Profilings

So what kind of weapons do the Hawks normally use, and how does the Ninth Metal work, you ask? Well, that's what I'll try and offer some notes upon in this section here.

Some weapons

In this picture, our Winged Warrior carries a sword. Though he's probably come to be recognized as a superhero who arms himself primarily with maces, he has made use at times of swords, and here has a great sheath to store it in.

In this early tale from Flash Comics #2 volume 1, where Carter does battle with Alexander the Great, he's armed with a trident that's built from Ninth Metal materials.

In this picture, taken from Hawkworld #16 during the War of the Gods crossover written by George Perez, Katar Hol uses a pair of battle daggers from Thanagar, which are specially designed so that he can hold quite well in his hands, to slay a monster that looks like a cheetah that's turned up at the police station in Chicago and is menacing everyone in sight.

We also take note of Hawkgirl's hand-held weapons. In this picture, it's an arrow that looks as if it's got an iron ball on the front!

Ninth Metal abilities and advantages

When struck by a villain they were pursuing in the Golden Age, not only did Sheira's Ninth Metal belt form a protective aura around her in this case, but Carter's was also able to revive her when she was downed.

And in this picture from the late 1970s, we get a little demonstration of the superhuman strength the Ninth Metal provides. No doubt, it's nowhere near Superman's power levels, but it's still very effective.

And this pretty much completes a lot of the list for now in featuring the leading abilities of Ninth Metal.

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