Supporting Cast

Short biographies of Hawkman and Hawkgirl's co-stars in their own series

Silver Scarab/Sandman 3

Real name: Hector Hall
First appearance: All-Star Squadron #25, September 1983
Occupation: Adventurer, Agent of Order
Hair color: platinum blond
Eye color: blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 184 lbs
Residential area: Los Angeles, California

Carter and Sheira Hall were so lucky, after so many centuries, to have a son, as they did when they gave birth to Hector, who first began a superhero career of his own under the guise of Silver Scarab, and was a member of Infinity Inc during the 1980's, then became the third Sandman in the latter half of the series' run (he also appeared in the Sandman series written by Neil Gaiman), and then, when the new JSA came around, he was reincarnated and became the fourth incarnation of Dr. Fate.

Born in Cairo, Egypt, when his parents were on an archaeological expidition, little did he or they know that Hath-Set, their archnemesis, had placed a curse upon the Hawks in their Egyptian incarnations, that culminated with the birth of their offspring. As a result, poor Hector was born without a soul, and was fated to become a vessel for the real Silver Scarab, Hath-Set's agent of vengeance!

Growing up, Hector felt neglected by his parents, who had to leave him in the care of babysitters whenever they went on archaeological tours, and the only really happy times he had at the time were whenever he was in the company of other Justice Society members' progeny. And when they took him to visit the hidden city of Feithera, home of the winged bird-people, to visit their godson Norda (the son of a winged Fietheran and a human) it only aggravated him further as he was not able to fly with his parents as Norda could.

Hector later went to study at the UCLA, and during this time, eager to join his parents in flying in the sky, he built himself a suit of armor composed of Ninth Metal, plus solar power additions of Hector's own design. During his time studying there, he met Lyta Trevor, the daughter of the Golden Age Fury, and they began dating together. Lyta dreamed of following in her mother's footsteps, and take up the role vacated by her mother, so when Hector showed her his own suit, they decided to try and enroll in the Justice Society. When the senoir members turned down their applications, they joined up with the first Star-Spangled Kid, Sylvester Pemberton, to form their own spinoff team, Infinity Inc.

After fighting with the Ultra-Humanite, who exposed the Silver Scarab's secret identity as Hector, the Scarab publicly unmasked at Infinity, Inc.'s first press conference. At the same press conference he announced Fury was his fiancee. A side effect of revealing his own identity was for him to reveal that of his father's as well, which at first this put a further strain on their relationship.

Hector and Lyta's happiness together was cut short as Hector fell victim to the ancient Egyptian curse placed upon his parents by Hath-Set and was taken over by the evil entity that had remained dormant inside his body since birth. Side by side with a reincarnated Hath-Set, the Scarab attacked Infinity Inc, and although the team eventually beat Hath-Set and destroyed the entity, it was at the cost of Hector's life. Just before dying Hector learned that Lyta was pregnant with his child.

However, death was not to be the end the end of Hector, but rather, the beginning, as his consciousness had been cast into the dimension of the Dreaming, where he was found by two beings named Brute and Glob. Having created a dreamworld of their own hidden within the dreams of a young boy and walled off from the rest of the Dreaming they wanted to create a puppet dream king of their own to take the place of the real dream lord Morpheus, whom they had imprisoned, so they could use him in a scheme to eventually assume control of the Dreaming.

Brute and Glob convinced Hector that he was the heir to the role of the Sandman, guardian of the dreams of human beings, after his predecessor Garrett Sanford died, making him the unwittingly pawn of the two nightmares who would play the role of his sidekicks while molding him. From his base in the dream dimension Hector would look in on his pregnant wife Lyta and at some point he began visiting her one hour every night while she slept without exposing himself to her thinking the strain of seeing him alive might harm their child. However, his nightly visits did not go unnoticed and he was eventually discovered and unmasked by Al Rothstein, formerly Nuklon and now Atom Smasher. Once exposed Hector told Lyta of his new role and he asked her to marry him even though he would only be able to leave the dream dimension for one hour a day. Lyta accepted his proposal but decided to return with Hector to Dreamworld to be with him. The two were wed and then left for the dream dimension.

Morpheus eventually broke free from captivity and when he learned of Brute and Glob's betrayal he set out to find them. After locating and recapturing Brute and Glob, he sent their pawn Hector back to the realm of the dead and returned Lyta to the world of the living where she'd eventually give birth to their son Daniel.


Real name: Hippolyta Kosmatos (pre-Crisis, her last name was Trevor)
First appearance: Wonder Woman #300 Vol. 1, February 1983
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: blue
Height: 5'7
Residential area: Los Angeles, California

In the pre-Crisis era, Fury was Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor, the daughter of the Golden Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor; as a result of this lineage, Lyta had all her mother's powers. Like most Golden Age-related characters at the time, Lyta was stated to live on the parallel dimension of Earth-Two. Lyta later adopted the identity of the Fury, named after the Furies of mythology, and was one of the founding members of Infinity Inc., in the book of the same name written by Roy Thomas. She also began a relationship with her teammate Hector Hall, the Silver Scarab, who she had met as a child, and now shared classes with at UCLA, which led to their engagement. Shortly after their decision to marry, Hector was possessed by an enemy of his father, Hawkman, and killed. It turned out that Fury was pregnant with Hector's child, and it was instrumental in the Silver Scarab's defeat.

Following the 1985 miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Golden Age Wonder Woman retroactively no longer existed, although Lyta still did. Lyta was now the daughter of the newly created character Helena Kosmatos, the Golden Age Fury (a superheroine of Greek descent and member of the All-Star Squadron who was an Avatar of the Fury Tisiphone) and had been raised by Joan Trevor (née Dale), the Quality Comics superheroine Miss America and her husband, Derek. Lyta was told of her mother's history by Alecto with the other Furies present. Lyta was also visited on a yearly basis by the time travelling Hippolyta who trained Lyta and even brought her to Themyscira on occasion. Apart from this, her history was relatively unchanged.

For a while, Lyta continued to serve with Infinity, Inc., but eventually left the team, to go home and bear her child. Once she had returned home, Lyta was visited by a mysterious costumed figure at night. This turned out to be Hector Hall, who, after his death, mistakenly believed he had been chosen as the Guardian of Dreams, the Sandman. Hector and Lyta got married and she joined him in the Dream Dimension, together with his sidekicks Brute and Glob, who were secretly running everything without him.

In the 1989-96 Sandman series, it was revealed that the Dream Dimension was a pocket of the Dreaming that Brute and Glob had shut off during Morpheus' imprisonment, intending to create their own King of Dreams. Upon Morpheus' return, Hector's soul was released and Lyta was sent back to Earth where she gave birth to their son. After this incident, Lyta hated Morpheus and blamed him for her husband's death (even though he was already dead to begin with). Morpheus visited the child, named him Daniel, which Lyta accepted, and informed Lyta that he was destined to be in the Dreaming. When Daniel later mysteriously disappeared, Lyta lost her mind and sought to destroy Morpheus, aided by the Furies. Ironically, it was this that began the chain of events which lead to Daniel becoming the new Lord of the Dreaming.

Showing up at the wake held for Morpheus, Lyta was still very much mentally unhinged. She eventually met her son in his new role; unlike the old Dream, who would have enacted some kind of revenge, he instead gave her his protection (which she sorely needed, having earned the wrath of numerous beings/forces for her role in the death of Morpheus). Lyta was returned to the waking world, her experiences having changed her. Her story continued in the graphic novel Sandman Presents: The Furies.

Mavis Trent

First appearance: The Brave and the Bold #34, March 1961
Hair color: black
Eye color: light blue
Residential area: Midway City (later its real life counterpart, Chicago)

A naturalist and anthropologist working at the Midway City Museum where Katar Hol became director, she initially had a crush on him, but after learning he was married to Shayera Thal, became more interested in Katar's alter ego as Hawkman, though she never really found out who he was. In one storyline, she even dyed her hair red and wound up wearing Shayera's Hawkwoman costume, the former part an attempt to get Katar's attention.

In the 1985 miniseries The Shadow War of Hawkman, she was slain by Wingmen of Thanagar who mistook her for Shayera after she put on the costume again, and Katar had to avenge her death.

After the 1989 reboot of the Hawks in Tim Truman's Hawkworld miniseries, a new, similar character was introduced, working as an exhibit coordinator at the Edwards Natural History Museum in Chicago. Like her previous incarnation, she too flirted on occasion with Katar, but he still kept his feelings for Shayera.

Commissioner George Emmett

First appearance: The Brave and the Bold #34, March 1961
Residential area: Midway City (later its real life counterpart, Chicago)

The police commander of Midway City, he helped the Silver Age incarnations of the Hawks establish an Earthbound identity for themselves when they came to Earth and got them jobs as curators for the local museum. He was later retconned as a Thanagarian agent, and after Crisis on Infinite Earths, he was apparently retconned away, replaced in Hawkworld by a character with a similar name.

Hawkgirl 3

Real name: Sharon Parker
First appearance: Action Comics #600, May 1988
Death: Hawkworld #25, August 1992

Almost nothing is known, at least not to me, about who Sharon is, before she ended up marrying the Thanagarian spy Fel Andar, who pretended to be the son of the first Hawkman and Hawkwoman. It can be said however, that she was the most short-lived incarnation of the winged superheroine to date.

While Andar acted as if he didn't really care much for the idea of joining the Justice League, it suited his mission in that he could get the chance to gather information on the superhero community, so he and Sharon joined, and she was accepted into the superhero community very quickly along with her husband.

Sharon overheard him talking with Thanagarian spies, and realizing this, he decided to kill her to keep his secret. She managed to escape from him and warn the Martian Manhunter in her dying breath. With his cover blown, Andar decided to retreat to Thanagar with the rest of their own forces. Only a few members of the JLI actually learned about Andar's background, but decided to keep quiet about it for fear of hurting Carter Hall's reputation.

Andar returned to earth a few years afterwards, with Shayera Thal in tow, this time posing as Katar Hol, the second Hawkman, who was trapped on Thanagar at the time, to retrieve an Aonian Voyager Hol himself had fought earlier. Andar's uncle had told him to kill Thal as she had threatened to reveal that she was really Pul's own daughter, since this could cost him his high-ranking position on Thanagar. Luckily, the plan backfired, and Andar was brought down by Hol, who'd managed to escape from Thanagar, and was eventually sent home again to rot in prison.

Thal Porvis

First appearance: Hawkworld miniseries part #1, 1989

Porvis is Shayera Thal's grandfather, and was the chief adminstrator for the ruling council on Thanagar.

Andar Pul

Hair color: black
Eye color: ?

First appearance: The Brave and the Bold #42, June-July 1962 (original), Hawkworld miniseries part #1, 1989 (contemporary)

During the Silver Age, Andar Pul was Hawkman and Hawkwoman's police commander on Thanagar. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, he was reinvented as the Chief of the Wingmen of Thanagar, and a high-ranking politician on the planet. After Pul had seduced the daughter of his good friend Thal Porvis, the 13-year-old Shayera Thal 1, the resultant pregnancy threatened to become a scandal that could jeopardize Pul's political career. Therefore, the child was abandoned in Thanagar's Downside shortly after her birth. This child would eventually grow up to become Shayera Thal 2 – a.k.a. the Hawkwoman of Thanagar. Andar Pul was also the uncle of Thanagarian spy Fel Andar, who briefly posed as Hawkman on Earth.

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