Residential Cities and Workplaces

Where the Hawks have roosted, and worked, here's a list of some of their residencies and jobs.

New York City, New York

When the adventures of the Hawks first began in Golden Age, the Big Apple was their very first place of residence, with Carter working as a history researcher, and Sheira as a reporter for the fictional Daily Sentinel newspaper.

Midway City, Illinois

When the Silver Age came around, the location became more metaphorical, with the Hawks living in an allegory to Chicago, where they worked as the curators of the Midway City Museum.

Chicago, Illinois

Following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, it became the real deal. The Hawks lived in the real Chicago, where they took to running that city's museum, while working as police officers on earth. (Post-Crisis Thanagarian version.)

Detroit, Michigan

Now, just one character does his rounds, that being Hawkman, as a cop in the Motor City area, and the other, Hawkwoman, remains behind in Chicago.

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